Thursday, Aug 22, 2019 22:22:58
Level II Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
TDS-Delta1.164 s
RDS-Delta1.016 s
TDS-Echo1.216 s
RDS-Echo1.008 s
Delta1.027 s
Echo1.009 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
RKJK60,315 min
KDLH5,106 min
KLSX2,375 min
RKSG114 min
KRTX18 min

Level III Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest00.948 s
Delta-Ingest10.895 s
Echo-IngestA0.902 s
Echo-IngestB0.820 s
Delta0.728 s
Echo0.750 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
KJK60,315 min
LSX923 min
DLH743 min
RTX668 min
PIT264 min
KSG114 min

Canadian Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest00.597 s
Delta-Ingest10.460 s
Delta-Ingest20.449 s
Echo-IngestA0.566 s
Echo-IngestB0.648 s
Echo-IngestC0.550 s
Delta0.526 s
Echo0.550 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
WSO124,808 min
XSM3,661 min
XLA65,759 min
XBE94,429 min
XMB95,989 min
XNC59,972 min
WHN788 min

Conduit/NCEP IDD
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest024.633 s
Delta-Ingest124.850 s
Echo-IngestA26.077 s
Echo-IngestB25.832 s
Delta23.909 s
Echo29.817 s
Data Age
Type Age
GENS235 min
NAM45 min
RUC0 min
HRRR0 min
VX-HRRR0 min
GFS0 min
NDFD0 min

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Free Text Messages for ABX -- Albuquerque,NM


NOUS65 KABQ 201546
Message Date:  Aug 20 2019 15:54:51

KABX IS BACK IN SERVICE AS OF 1554Z -SMS                                        

 035 NOUS65 KABQ 201416 FTMABX Message Date: Aug 20 2019 14:18:36 KABX WILL BE DOWN FOR MAINTENANCE UNTIL 17Z -SMS 
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