Sunday, Feb 17, 2019 10:31:39
Level II Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
TDS-Delta1.424 s
RDS-Delta1.314 s
TDS-Echo1.343 s
RDS-Echo1.306 s
Delta1.251 s
Echo1.236 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
KFDX15,811 min
KMXX7,171 min
RKSG3,392 min
KLNX45 min
KJGX31 min
KLCH26 min
KSJT24 min
KAKQ22 min
KRAX12 min

Site Latency
KMSX58.239 sec

Level III Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest01.504 s
Delta-Ingest10.821 s
Echo-IngestA1.193 s
Echo-IngestB0.766 s
Delta0.833 s
Echo0.771 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
NAW24,197 min
SJU10,872 min
KSG3,391 min
PHL3,144 min
CVG2,144 min
FDX1,351 min
JGX1,242 min
DTW1,133 min
AKQ258 min
SJT256 min
MXX91 min
LNX52 min
LCH37 min
RAX12 min

Canadian Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest00.507 s
Delta-Ingest10.473 s
Delta-Ingest20.503 s
Echo-IngestA0.514 s
Echo-IngestB0.519 s
Echo-IngestC0.517 s
Delta0.519 s
Echo0.519 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
CASBV1,568 min

Conduit/NCEP IDD
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest0538.969 s
Delta-Ingest1205.271 s
Echo-IngestA438.395 s
Echo-IngestB492.766 s
Delta438.063 s
Echo428.392 s
Data Age
Type Age
GENS301 min
NAM106 min
RUC0 min
HRRR0 min
VX-HRRR0 min
NDFD0 min
GFS0 min

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Free Text Messages for GRB -- Green Bay,WI


NOUS63 KGRB 131528
Message Date:  Feb 13 2019 15:33:10

The WSR88D at KGRB is now back in service.                                      

 632 NOUS63 KGRB 131351 FTMGRB Message Date: Feb 13 2019 14:06:44 The WSR88D at KGRB will be down for maintenance until around 1530Z. 
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