Monday, Feb 19, 2018 03:25:55
Level II Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
TDS-Delta0.879 s
RDS-Delta1.033 s
TDS-Echo0.853 s
RDS-Echo1.073 s
Delta0.919 s
Echo0.899 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
PGUA6,249 min
PACG2,790 min
KSGF713 min
KAKQ84 min
KCBX19 min

Level III Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest01.147 s
Delta-Ingest11.355 s
Echo-IngestA1.067 s
Echo-IngestB1.349 s
Delta1.160 s
Echo1.155 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
JRV5,397 min
AKQ1,095 min
CBX443 min
GUA191 min
SGF15 min

Canadian Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest00.561 s
Delta-Ingest10.547 s
Delta-Ingest20.543 s
Echo-IngestA0.558 s
Echo-IngestB0.559 s
Echo-IngestC0.554 s
Delta0.617 s
Echo0.606 s

Conduit/NCEP IDD
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest018.473 s
Delta-Ingest111.807 s
Echo-IngestA15.052 s
Echo-IngestB12.301 s
Delta16.329 s
Echo15.378 s
Data Age
Type Age
HRRR0 min
VX-HRRR0 min
GFS0 min
NDFD0 min
RUC0 min

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Free Text Messages for DYX -- Dyess AFB,TX


NOUS64 KSJT 152137
Message Date:  Feb 15 2018 21:42:21

THE KDYX WSR-88D IS BACK UP.                                                    

 680 NOUS64 KSJT 151536 FTMDYX Message Date: Feb 15 2018 15:39:04 KDYX will down for maintenance. Estimated time for services to be restored is be tween 11am-noon. 
 439 NOUS64 KSJT 131835 FTMDYX Message Date: Feb 13 2018 18:43:20 KDYX is back online ahead of scheduled. 
 747 NOUS64 KSJT 131529 FTMDYX Message Date: Feb 13 2018 15:38:50 KDYX radar will be down until 5pm. 
 492 NOUS64 KSJT 121516 FTMDYX Message Date: Feb 12 2018 15:25:06 The KDYX Doppler Radar will be down approximately 4 to 5 hours today for routine maintenance. 
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