Tuesday, Sep 18, 2018 15:12:43
Level II Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
TDS-Delta1,492.483 s
RDS-Delta1.044 s
TDS-Echo1,448.582 s
RDS-Echo0.929 s
Delta1.057 s
Echo1.012 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
KMHX4,330 min
KESX107 min
PHWA95 min

Level III Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest02.091 s
Delta-Ingest11.021 s
Echo-IngestA0.883 s
Echo-IngestB1.004 s
Delta0.917 s
Echo0.973 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
MHX4,371 min
ESX107 min
HWA95 min
TPA84 min

Canadian Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest00.614 s
Delta-Ingest10.592 s
Delta-Ingest20.584 s
Echo-IngestA0.584 s
Echo-IngestB0.590 s
Echo-IngestC0.585 s
Delta0.610 s
Echo0.642 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
WHN8,383 min
XTI50,799 min
XFW119,958 min
WUJ259 min

Conduit/NCEP IDD
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest030.002 s
Delta-Ingest122.798 s
Echo-IngestA29.824 s
Echo-IngestB31.183 s
Delta28.007 s
Echo19.631 s
Data Age
Type Age
NDFD0 min
RUC0 min
VX-HRRR0 min
HRRR0 min
GFS0 min

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Free Text Messages for DOX -- Dover AFB,DE


NOUS61 KAKQ 141211
Message Date:  Sep 14 2018 14:05:25

Elevation motor issue has been identified. Time for return to service is approx 

 148 NOUS61 KAKQ 140928 FTMDOX Message Date: Sep 14 2018 09:37:15 KDOX is offline due to an unspecified equipment issue. Technicians have been not ified. More information will be passed along as it becomes available. Adjacent r adars include KDIX, KLWX, and KAKQ. 
 667 NOUS61 KAKQ 121904 FTMDOX Message Date: Sep 12 2018 19:08:10 KDOX has returned to normal operations. 
 010 NOUS61 KAKQ 112239 FTMDOX Message Date: Sep 11 2018 22:44:53 KDOX is offline at this time. Maintenance is required by radar staff that must b e completed overnight to get the radar into full operating order. Adjacent radar s include KDIX, KLWX and KAKQ. We apologize for the inconvenience. 
 047 NOUS61 KAKQ 112032 FTMDOX Message Date: Sep 11 2018 20:32:43 KDOX has returned to service on a limited basis. The radar still requires furthe r maintenance and will likely need to be taken out of service later this evening when convective activity ceases. However, the radar is able to provide reliable data in its current state. 
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