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Level II Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
TDS-Delta1.288 s
RDS-Delta1.214 s
TDS-Echo1.587 s
RDS-Echo1.432 s
Delta1.048 s
Echo1.432 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
PAEC33,562 min
PABC13,497 min
KMAF6,677 min
KOHX6,599 min
KGSP6,593 min
PGUA2,937 min
KVAX1,987 min
KDFX1,264 min
KBGM111 min
KFDX11 min

Site Latency
TPIT-105.464 sec
TIAH-101.303 sec
TBNA-97.186 sec
TTUL-94.689 sec
TDAY-84.368 sec
THOU-82.646 sec
TLAS-79.876 sec
TBWI-63.028 sec
TSDF-60.902 sec
TMCO-54.849 sec
TIAD-49.471 sec
TDCA-49.084 sec
TCVG-38.568 sec
TADW-38.443 sec
TMSP-29.507 sec
TMKE-22.217 sec
TDEN-18.375 sec
TTPA-14.860 sec
TMIA-14.530 sec
TPBI-12.651 sec
TCMH-12.152 sec
TFLL-7.594 sec
TRDU-1.239 sec

Level III Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest01.387 s
Delta-Ingest10.835 s
Echo-IngestA0.976 s
Echo-IngestB0.772 s
Delta0.891 s
Echo0.743 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
ABC17,367 min
KJK16,303 min
KSG16,303 min
ODN16,303 min
MBX14,967 min
GSP6,763 min
MAF6,677 min
GUA2,937 min
DFX1,265 min
OHX838 min
VAX672 min
FDX472 min
BGM110 min

Canadian Radar
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest00.769 s
Delta-Ingest10.560 s
Delta-Ingest20.533 s
Echo-IngestA0.726 s
Echo-IngestB0.859 s
Echo-IngestC0.785 s
Delta0.928 s
Echo0.743 s
Unavailable Sites
Site Age
CAXAR65,523 min
WTP57,242 min
XBU55,672 min
XDR18,217 min
WVY68,542 min
XAM34,042 min
casmr130 min

Conduit/NCEP IDD
Feed Latency
Feed Latency
Delta-Ingest0175.446 s
Delta-Ingest1190.651 s
Echo-IngestA151.879 s
Echo-IngestB190.470 s
Delta151.143 s
Echo159.112 s
Data Age
Type Age
NAM153 min
VX-HRRR2 min
GENS1 min
RUC0 min
HRRR0 min
GFS0 min
NDFD0 min

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IRADS System Status

This page provides live status information for Level 2, Level 3, CanRad, and select CONDUIT products available through IRADS.

Data Age: The amount of time since any data was last received from this site or feed.
Feed Latency: The time difference between when data was created and when it arrived on our system

Click on Level II and Level III sites for more information on why the site may be unavailable.

IRADS Members Area

System Latency

NEXRAD2 Latency

Ingest 0/A is the TDS feed from the NWS TOC in Silver Spring, MD.
Ingest 1/B is the RDS feed from the NWS ROC in Norman, OK.
Nodes 0/1/A/B show latencies as seen by the distribution hosts.

Canadian Inbound Latency

NEXRAD3 Inbound Latency

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